Need a United HealthCare Medicare Advantage Dental Insurance Newington dentist? Top dental office, East Cedar Dental, is accepting new patients who are insured with United HealthCare Medicare Advantage plans. As a family & cosmetic dentist, we’re proud to be a part of the United HealthCare Medicare Advantage Dental Insurance network.


Does Medicare Cover Dental?

United Healthcare dental insurance PPO Newington

About United HealthCare

UnitedHealthcare serves millions at each phase of life from birth to retirement. The company works to ensure that advanced technologies, treatments and systems work better for all.

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United HealthCare Medicare Advantage Dental Insurance Newington

Medicare Advantage plans offer coverage benefits of Medicare Part A & B with added benefits such as hearing, vision & dental care. The dental care portion typically provides coverage for routine treatment. Check with your United HealthCare representative to determine what dental coverage you may have with your present policy before you seek treatment. Our dental office accepts Medicare Advantage dental coverage from United HealthCare so once you’ve confirmed your coverage, give us a call to make an appointment.

Medicare Advantage Members, schedule an appointment with Dr. Aaron Farrokh by dialing (860) 667-0875 or you may click the button below to automatically call our office.

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