check_upAt East Cedar Dental we aim to provide the most comprehensive dental solutions, with care and precision. One of the many dental services carried out at our practice in is TMJ (TMD) Therapy. This particular dental procedure deals with the treatment of a condition called Temporomandibular Dysfunction or TMD, where patient suffers from chronic jaw pain, facial pain, headaches, stiffness and discomfort during simple jaw movements like chewing and opening the mouth wide open.
If you hear clicking sounds while opening and closing your mouth or you notice change in teeth alignment when you join your upper and lower jaws together, there is a chance that you have incurred damage to your Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ). A number of factors have been identified as possible causes for TMD:

  1. Bite loss or uneven surface of teeth resulting in misalignment.
  2. An injury to the face by a hit on the chin.
  3. Conscious and unconscious clenching or grinding of teeth.
  4. Eating hard objects on a regular basis.
  5. Aggressive movement or opening of jaw while yawning, eating or singing.

skullTMJ (TMD) Therapy includes simple solutions like wearing a mouth guard while working, playing and even sleeping as some people clench their teeth during sleep. Dentist may also recommend a few therapies and exercises to release stiffness in the jaw. After conducting a thorough examination, the dentist may be able to provide you with a more comprehensive treatment plan and also preventive measures based on the magnitude of your disorder.
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