Being afraid of dental procedures and dental clinics is not uncommon. This fear sometimes stops people from getting help when needed, which in turn can lead to something serious like tooth loss. Realizing the discomfort people experience, dentists from around the world have devised sedation methods in order to help keep patients calm while undergoing certain procedures.


sedationOperating on a patient who is afraid of dental procedures can be very hard, especially during complex dental work like implants, root canals, extractions and other services which require precision. Our team of experienced professionals at East Cedar Dental however will most definitely help you feel at ease during your visit. If you are nervous about going to the dentist let us know and we will tell you all about the pros and cons of sedation. If you opt for sedation we will also conduct a full diagnosis and check for compatibility of sedatives with your body. Only after a complete checkup and your approval will the dentist proceed with the application of sedatives.
Depending upon the complexity of the procedure, amount of pain involved and the duration of dental work, dentist will decide which of the prevalent sedation methods should be used. Rest assured that the whole procedure will be done in a controlled and hygienic environment because your safety and comfort is our top most priority.
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