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At East Cedar Dental, our comprehensive dental examinations extend beyond your teeth to include vigilant screenings for oral cancer, emphasizing the importance of early detection for effective treatment.

Understanding Oral Cancer Risk Factors

Numerous factors contribute to oral cancer risk, including age, gender, tobacco and alcohol use, HPV infection, sunlight exposure, and diet, underscoring the importance of regular screenings for everyone, irrespective of demographic factors.

Age and Gender Disparities

While age and gender play significant roles, with individuals over 40 and men being at higher risk, the prevalence of HPV-related oral cancer in younger demographics emphasizes the need for regular screenings across all age groups and genders.

Tobacco and Alcohol Use

Tobacco and alcohol consumption significantly elevate the risk of oral cancer, making regular dental examinations imperative for smokers, drinkers, and non-users alike.

HPV Infection and Sunlight Exposure

HPV-related oral cancers predominantly affect younger individuals, highlighting the importance of proactive screenings. Moreover, prolonged sunlight exposure increases the risk of lip cancer, necessitating additional vigilance for those working outdoors.

Diet and Oral Cancer

Poor nutrition, particularly diets low in fruits and vegetables, heightens the risk of oral cancer. However, regardless of dietary habits, regular oral examinations are essential for early detection and treatment.

Stay Proactive with Oral Examinations

Oral cancer can affect anyone, regardless of their demographic or lifestyle factors. Therefore, regular dental examinations are crucial for early detection and prompt treatment. Contact East Cedar Dental Inc today to schedule your comprehensive oral examination and prioritize your oral health.

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