Full mouth restoration is a dental procedure, which by using a number of cosmetic and dental restorative methods we can restore ones tooth structure and smile. There are a number of reasons which may require for such an elaborate restorative dental work, some of these reasons are:

  • In case your teeth have incurred heavy damage or are fractured.
  • Missing teeth either due to extensive tooth decay or trauma.
  • Teeth have become weak or have been worn down by degenerative factors such as excessive regular intake of beverages, tobacco or acid reflux.
  • A prolonging disease, causing pervasive damage to oral well being.
  • A lifetime of dental procedures can leave teeth and gums week and damaged.

Replacing missing or damaged teeth is vital for many reasons. First being the loss of biting strength which can be a constant annoyance which affects day to day life. Also people with an incomplete tooth structure shy away from smiling whole heartedly and feel awkward in social situations.
At East Cedar Dental, we provide the service of Full Mouth Restoration which offers a complete solution to multiple dental troubles, using a number of restorative methods like implants, veneers, onlays, inlays, bridges and other services depending on the condition of your mouth.
Book an appointment today with Dr. Aaron Farrokh to know whether undergoing a full mouth restoration is the right process for you.

Full Mouth Restoration in Newington CT and Surrounding Local Areas

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