If you’re looking for a dentist that accepts Connecticare Dental, the East Cedar Dental is the right office to call. Dr. Aaron Farrokh, is accepting new patients with Connecticare insurance coverage. Call us today to schedule at appointment (860) 667-0875.

What is Connecticare Dental?

ConnectiCare Dental Plans offer PPO style networks with broad, dental provider networks. Participants in the program may choose providers including specialists without concern for paperwork, referrals or gatekeepers. Coverage is also available for out-of-network care.


Connecticare Dental Plans at a Glance

Connecticare members may access quality providers by just making an appointment. No need for referrals or delays. What’s even better is that your dentist handles everything, including any recommendations for special procedures. Network plans include:

> Value – most affordable
> Plus – an enhanced network with improved provider access
> Premium – offers broadest coverage and dental providers

dentist that accepts connecticare dental

About ConnecticCare

Founded by a group of doctors in 1981, ConnectiCare is committed to helping keep members healthy. They offer health & dental insurance for individuals, retirees and all sizes of businesses including Connecticut employers and municipalities.

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Dental Insurance Coverage from ConnectiCare


Designed to cover comprehensive care for children and adults, the dental program by ConnectiCare provides preventive care for oral health and other cosmetic and general dentist services to restore or repair teeth.

Buying dental insurance helps to make dental care more affordable. It ensures that you and your family members get regular dental cleanings and office visits to keep your teeth healthy.


Our office needs 24 to 48 hours to verify your coverage with Connecticare. For most patients, we will need your Social Security Number to verify coverage. Please contact us to schedule an appointment. We will verify your insurance coverage at the time of appointment. Call us by clicking the button below.