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Dr. Aaron Farrokh’s cosmetic dentistry practice provides customized plans for helping to make your smile beautiful. We offer the following cosmetic dental procedures:

Bonded Fillings

Bonded fillings are an effective way of treating a host of cavity related issues and a step in the cosmetic dentistry process. The ability of composite filling to bond with the surface of the tooth makes it one of the most trusted solutions to a multitude of problems.

Cosmetic Dentistry with Bonded Fillings  is mostly used to:

  • Replace old fillings.
  • To fill painful cavities.
  • Reshaping uneven tooth surface.
  • Restore chipped teeth.
  • Cover odd gaps between teeth.

The biggest advantages that composite resin based fillings enjoy over the more conventional metal or gold fillings, is the ability to be molded as per individual requirements. Cosmetic Dentistry can now exercise greater control and achieve enhanced precision, while reshaping a tooth surface while maintaining a similar color to the tooth enamel, giving it a natural look.
At the East Cedar Dental clinic, we offer our patients dental bonding services, which usually take one or two visits. At first, our dentists will analyze your teeth for the need of any structural changes and after making the changes required a gel is applied to make a firm bond between the composite and the tooth.


Bridges are meant to cover a gap within your teeth which are usually a result of missing or broken teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Newington CT

Cosmetic Dentistry Newington CT

Some of the purposes that dental bridges and cosmetic dentistry serve are:

  • It helps restore your smile by bridging an odd gap.
  • Missing teeth considerably reduce the overall bite strength. It restores that lost strength by providing additional support.
  • A gap left by a broken tooth may cause adjacent teeth to drift out of position. This can be prevented by this restorative dental work.

As this dental work depends on the condition of your adjacent teeth also, the dentist will do a thorough evaluation of your teeth prior to proceeding with the attachment of the bridge.  After our dentists have carefully tested the strength of your teeth, they will then proceed with the attachment of the bridge. The first step of cosmetic dentistry is preparing your supporting teeth for the placement of crowns. After that an impression of your teeth will be sent to the lab in order to fabricate the bridge. The last step is cementing the restoration in place, making it a firm and long lasting companion for your mouth.


This restorative cosmetic dentistry method targets restoration of the biting surface of a tooth by replacing it with an artificial one. Mimicking the shape and size of the biting surface and achieving little details, is a task that requires precision and experience.
Crowns can stay strong for a long time, providing ample strength to its surrounding teeth and maintaining a healthy bite and a complete smile. They can be prepared using a variety of materials like gold, porcelain and metal, each having its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Porcelain Veneers

Cosmetic Dentistry Newington CT

Cosmetic Dentistry Newington CT

Porcelain veneers are tiny shells which act like a permanent layer of make-up for your teeth, giving them a fresh and young look. Any shortcomings in the size, shape or color of teeth can be fixed with cosmetic dentistry by applying veneers. Porcelain can very well mimic the texture and color of natural teeth. This dental work can be used for purposes such as:

  • Reshaping disproportionate teeth.
  • Filling gaps between teeth.
  • Repair tooth damage caused by gradual degeneration.
  • For repairing chipped teeth.
  • Discoloured or stained teeth surface, can be covered by veneers.

We conduct these procedures at East Cedar Dental only after proper pre-planning and analysis. After conducting the necessary diagnosis, the dentist will identify the places which require the placement of veneers. To start off a small part of the tooth surface is shaved off so that it can be replaced by porcelain shells.
After taking an impression of the shaved part of your teeth, samples are sent to the laboratory for preparing veneers that will come out to be an exact match of the shaved off portion. The veneers will be cemented to the desired place, with a strong adhesive and the outcome will be shiny white teeth, without imperfections.

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