Looking for dentist that accepts Cigna dental insurance in Newington CT and surrounding cities of West Hartford, Farmington, New Britain, Berlin, Rock Hill and Wethersfield? East Cedar Dental is proud to be an in-network dental provider for the Cigna network. We accept Cigna Radius/Basic PPO & Cigna Core/Enhanced PPO.

What Does It Mean to Be an In-Network Dentist?

In-network dentists for Cigna or other insurance companies are dental office that provide services at an agreed rate. That means that even though there may be contracted fees for covered treatment, your treatment might not be covered at 100 percent. Make sure to as for a schedule of covered dental procedures from Cigna or your insurance representation. That way you will know your deductibles, coinsurance and covered services.

Cigna Networks & Coverage Types


Cigna Insurance Company offers various PPO policies to make sure their customers receive the best dental insurance coverage possible. East Cedar Dental accepts the following Cigna policies:

> Cigna Radius / Basic PPO

> Cigna Core / Enhanced PPO

Cigna dentists Newington

About Cigna

Cigna’s roots trace back more than 200 years ago, but the today’s company was created from the merger of INA Corp and Connecticut General Corporation in 1982. Cigna covers 12.9 million for dental insurance with a network of 134,000 Dental PPO professionals and 20,000 Dental HMO professionals.

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Cigna Dental Insurance for More than Routine Care


Cigna dental plans offer more than just X-rays and routine cleaning visits. When you stay in network, you save on treatment costs although you may always visit an out-of-network dentist if needed. Cigna dental coverage provides preventative care, basic dental care and major services.

For any questions about your dental coverage, please contact your Cigna representative or our office at (860) 667-0875.



Treatment Options for Cigna Patients


Each Cigna PPO policy differs so treatment and services will vary depending on coverage terms. We’ll review your options so you can ensure that your dental procedure is covered and the amount of coverage available.

Check coverage and in-network status by clicking the Cigna logo below.

Cigna dentists Newington

We need one to two days to verify your coverage with Cigna. Typically, the verification process requires your Social Security Number. When you call for an appointment, we will verify your coverage at that time. To schedule your visit, please call us by clicking button below: