15 Sep 2022
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How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthier | Newington Dentist

The food children eat affects their long term oral health. Some foods have nutrients teeth need. Others are full of acids and sugars that are harmful to teeth. With so many unhealthy food choices being marketed to children every day, it is vital that you take a stand. Offer fun, healthy snacks and model the better food choices you want your kids to make.

Offer healthy snack choices. Kids should have a well-balanced and nutritional diet. This not only promotes overall health but also helps build a strong healthy smile. Nutrition is an important part of oral health. Teaching your kids about eating healthy and limiting sugary foods will help foster a balanced diet from an early age. This will form habits that will result in a lifetime of strong teeth and better overall health.

Have fun with snacks. Promote a nutritious diet by getting creative with snack choices. If you show your kids that healthy snacks are fun, they will be more likely to eat them. Apple slices with peanut butter, fruit smoothies, and yogurt with granola or fruit are great examples of fun, yet healthy combinations. Remember to avoid soda and sugary drinks. These can leave sugars on teeth and can increase the risk of plaque and tooth decay. Our 06111 dentist agrees that water is always the best solution! Eating a well-balanced lunch and dinner is important as well. Make sure to add a variety of fruits and vegetables to every meal so that your kids become accustomed to them.

Be a good role model. Children learn habits by following the example set by their parents. Send your kids the right message by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables yourself. Avoid sugary snacks that can cause cavities or gum disease. Be sure to practice good oral hygiene in front of your kids. If you brush and floss after meals and snacks, your kids will follow the example. Consider brushing together with your child to reinforce good brushing skills and habits. Make sure to brush at least twice a day, after breakfast and before bedtime. If it is possible, try to encourage your child to brush after lunch or after sweet snacks.
Follow up. Don’t forget it is also very important to have regular dental appointments for your child, and model healthy habits by seeing your own dentist regularly. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our Newington, CT dental office for more ideas on how to promote healthy snacking for great long term dental health!

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5 Aug 2021
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How Healthy Foods Produce Healthy Teeth | Dentist in Newington, CT

We all know that eating healthy is essential for your overall health, but did you know it can also help your teeth and gums? Many foods are necessary for both your body and oral health. How does eating healthy help your teeth? It protects the enamel on the surface of teeth from erosion caused by acids in foods. This makes dental drillings less likely to occur, which means more time between appointments! We'll explore some common foods that are beneficial for tooth and gum health below.

How Does Eating Healthy Help Your Teeth?

Your teeth are made up of a calcium phosphate mineral called hydroxyapatite. What does this mean? How can good nutrition help your dental health, you ask? Well, as it turns out, consuming the appropriate nutrients is essential for keeping all parts of your body healthy and in balance. A diet rich in vitamin D, which fights tooth decay, and calcium are crucial for strong teeth. What foods should you eat to improve the health of your teeth?

Eat plenty of calcium-rich foods like cheese or milk as they contain many vitamin D. Cheese, in particular, has the added benefit of being rich in protein, too! You should also try and eat plenty of nuts like almonds or walnuts, as they are also rich in vitamin D. If you don't want to go dairy heavy for your daily dose, then spinach is a great way to get some calcium into your diet. 

Spinach contains twice the amount of nutrients that other green vegetables contain. It would be best if you also ate plenty of fruit and vegetables for their vitamin C content. White grapefruit, in particular, is an excellent source of vitamin C which will help keep your gums healthy. So please give it a whirl the next time you're making breakfast!

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Which Foods Are Best For Teeth And Gum Health?

Many people are surprised to hear that dental health is a large part of overall human wellness. How can this be? Dental problems often make us feel self-conscious, which affects our mood and how we act around others. It also has an impact on our sleep quality. In short, maintaining good dentition is vital to maintaining a healthy, happy life.

You can do many things in your everyday life to maintain good dental health: brushing and flossing are the most obvious two examples. How can food play a role? Some foods contain health benefits for your teeth and gums - so much so that it's worth incorporating them into your regular diet.

Dairy: Be sure to include dairy in your dental care routine, as it's one of the most effective ways to fight tooth decay and gum disease. Milk is rich in calcium and phosphorus, which keeps teeth strong and healthy.

Fruits And Vegetables: Fruits such as apples are a great way to fight tooth decay, while vegetables like carrots protect from gum disease due to their high levels of antioxidants. Both fruits and vegetables contain minerals that help protect teeth from becoming brittle or lost due to cavities.

Nuts And Seeds: Nuts are excellent sources of protein that are often overlooked when it comes to dental care. They also provide magnesium which is essential for strong teeth and bones. Seeds are an effective treatment for tooth sensitivity by reducing inflammation.

What's The Worst Thing For Your Teeth?

The answer is simple. It's sugar! Sugary foods can lead to odor-causing bacteria, tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. But you don't have to give up sweets altogether. You need to make sure that they're not too sugary or acidic by following these tips from East Cedar Dental:

  • Don't drink sugary drinks like sodas and sports drinks. They dissolve dental enamel and increase the risk for cavities and oral bacteria.

  • Eat a healthy snack if you're feeling hungry between meals or when walking around in public: try some fresh fruit or vegetables with dip to curb cravings as well!

  • Brush your teeth after eating any acidic foods - this will help avoid dental problems down the road.

does soda cause teeth decay Newington CTBrush after every meal with fluoride toothpaste and floss at least once a day to remove food particles that can build up in your mouth. Drink water throughout the day instead of sugary drinks like soda, juice, or sports drinks which can cause tooth decay over time. And if you want something sweet, choose fruit as it has natural sugars and lots of vitamins and minerals that are good for your teeth!

Frequent brushing will help prevent plaque from building up on your teeth. Plaque buildup leads to bad breath bacteria (halitosis) in addition to other health problems such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and obesity. This is caused when bacteria produce toxins that enter the bloodstream through tiny openings in the gums when brushing isn't done regularly enough or adequately enough.

Our team at East Cedar Dental hopes we helped you understand how eating healthy foods can protect your teeth and gums. We hope that the tips we have provided will be a helpful guide for those looking to make healthier choices in their diet but still want something sweet every once in a while! If this post has been informative, please share it with friends or family members so they too can learn about dental health. Check out our other helpful blog posts at EastCedarDental.com!