Dental Bridges are meant to cover a gap within your teeth which are usually a result of missing or broken teeth.

Some of the purposes that dental bridges serve are:

  1. Dental Bridges restore your smile by bridging an odd gap.
  2. Missing teeth considerably reduce the overall bite strength. It restores that lost strength by providing additional support.
  3. A gap left by a broken tooth may cause adjacent teeth to drift out of position. This can be prevented by this restorative dental work.
Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

As this dental work depends on the condition of your adjacent teeth also, the dentist will do a thorough evaluation of your teeth prior to proceeding with the attachment of the bridge.  After our dentists have carefully tested the strength of your teeth, they will then proceed with the attachment of the bridge. The first step is preparing your supporting teeth for the placement of crowns. After that an impression of your teeth will be sent to the lab in order to fabricate the bridge. The last step is cementing the restoration in place, making it a firm and long lasting companion for your mouth.
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Dental Bridges – Local Areas We Serve

We provide our patients with dental bridges in local areas including Newington, West Hartford, Farmiington, Wethersfield, Berlin. New Britain, Rocky Hill