Bonded Fillings Newington CTBonded fillings are an effective way of treating a host of cavity related issues. The ability of composite filling to bond with the surface of the tooth makes it one of the most trusted solutions to a multitude of problems.

Bonded Fillings mostly used to:

  • Replace old fillings.
  • To fill painful cavities.
  • Reshaping uneven tooth surface.
  • Restore chipped teeth.
  • Cover odd gaps between teeth.
Bonded Fillings Newington

Bonded Fillings Newington

The biggest advantages that composite resin based bonded fillings enjoy over the more conventional metal or gold fillings, is the ability to be molded as per individual requirements. Dentists can now exercise greater control and achieve enhanced precision, while reshaping a tooth surface while maintaining a similar color to the tooth enamel, giving it a natural look.
At the East Cedar Dental clinic, we offer our patients dental bonding services, which usually take one or two visits. At first, our dentists will analyze your teeth for the need of any structural changes and after making the changes required a gel is applied to make a firm bond between the composite and the tooth.

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East Cedar Dental provides bonded fillings to families in Newington local areas including West Hartford, Farmington, Rocky Hill, New Britain, Berlin and Wethersfield.