Appointments East Cedar Dental Newington CTProtective mouth guard gear for the mouth is as important as any other gear, because even a single hit to the chin or face can damage your teeth.
An Athletic mouth guard is more than just simple protection for your teeth. It acts as a performance enhancer freeing you of the worry and allowing you to give it your 100% on the field. The most advanced athletic mouth gears today come with customizable features which take your mouths protection to a whole new level. Customized mouth guard are created after taking an impression of your teeth structure, giving you a perfect fit. At East Cedar Dental we offer a whole range of athletic mouth guards. Ask one of our dentists and decide which mouth guard suits you best.
A good mouth gear not only protects teeth from external forces but it also helps reduce damage to your tooth’s surface occurred from clenching or teeth grinding. Clenching can be the cause of bite loss or other disorders.

Apart from all these advantages, customized mouthwear prove to be durable and sturdy companions while you’re on the field.

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