Need a dentist that accepts Assurant Dental Insurance in Newington CT? Aaron Farrokh DDS of East Cedar Dental is a network dentist for Assurant. We are accepting new patients, and if you are insured with Assurant, we’re happy to schedule a new patient appointment. We provide dental services in Newington, West Hartford, Farmington, Berlin, Rock Hill and New Britain, Connecticut.

Assurant Dentists Network: What is it?

To be in the Assurant Dental Network, dentists must agree to accept a specific rate for dental services and procedures. Because policies differ, your necessary procedures may not be covered 100 percent by your policy. Prior to scheduling a particular dental procedure, we recommend that you check with your insurance company to determine what procedures are covered by your policy and what amount you can expect to pay out-of-pocket for non-covered services, deductibles and/or co-insurance.

Assurant Dental Insurance


Assurant dental insurance plans provide more benefits then just routine office visits. They cover basic, preventive and diagnostic services at different coverage amounts based on your policy type and terms. By staying in network, you can save over standard rates. We’re Assurant dentists in-network members so you can rest assured that we accept Assurant Dental to cover your dental care.

For any questions about your dental coverage, please contact your Cigna representative or our office at (860) 667-0875.


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About Assurant

Founded in 1892 Assurant first provided disability insurance, and then as the company grew, they expanded to other insurance products such as employee benefits and dental insurance.

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Treatment Options for Assurant Patients


Because each Assurant policy offers different coverage terms, it is important to review your coverage so you know what treatments your insurance will cover and whether you have any out-of-pocket expense when getting treatment. Call your Assurant representative to learn more about your policy, and if you need help, you may also give us a call as well.

Find in-network status and coverage simply by clicking the Assurant button below:

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We typically need a few days to verify coverage with Assurant. When you call to schedule an appointment, we’ll verify your coverage. To schedule your appointment, call us by clicking button below: