If you’re looking for a dentist who accepts Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield dental insurance, then you’ll find Dr. Aaron Farrokh of East Cedar Dental one of the best dental care providers in the insurance company’s network. Whether you’re looking for a general family dentist or need more specialty cosmetic dental care, we’re here to help.

What Is a Network Dentist?

In-network dentists make agreements with the insurance company to accept a different price for covered services than the standard rates. Even though there are contracted fees for each type of service, it does not mean that you can expect that all your treatment is covered 100 percent. You must still count coinsurance and deductibles as part of your overall dental care cost.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Network & Coverage Types

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Company offers a variety of PPO policy types in order to provide the right coverage for individuals, families and groups. We are proud to offer dental services to Anthem patients. Their current policies include:

> Dental Prime

> Dental Complete PPO

About Anthem BlueCross BlueShield

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield understand how health connects individuals and communities together. Their commitment to deliver better healthcare brings added value to their insured and improves overall health.

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Treatment Options for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Patients


This insurer offers a large network of dentists along with quality products that provide quick options and affordable pricing.

Plan choices include the option for preventative care such as teeth cleanings and checkups along with fillings and x-rays. The dental plans combine with their health insurance programs in order to bring even greater value to individuals and families.

Find a dental plan and check for a dentist in your area by clicking the Anthem BlueCross BlueShield logo below:

When you make an appointment, we’ll use your contact info and social security number to verify your coverage with Anthem. Please contact us today to schedule your appointment. Simply click the button below to get started.